Dear fellow Rotarians:

Together with the team for the Rotary Year 2020-2021, I congratulate Rotary fraternity for successfully stepping into a new Rotary Year despite the challenges the world has been facing since November last year due to COVID-19. Nevertheless, together with rest of the world, Rotarians by connecting with each otherand Rotary International have been providing continuous support to individuals and communities in need as early as possible since the virus was discovered.

As to the theme of Rotary International President Holger Knaack, “Rotary Opens Opportunity,” providing service to our society creates opportunities. The social and economic challenges that the whole world is currently facing due to the pandemic has brought about unusual change in people’s lives, which has also proven to be an opening of opportunities to learn, overcome and move forward achieving our aim as Rotarians.

I must congratulate our club members for carrying out the service projects despite of challenges posed by COVID-19, as well as for their role and generous contribution to minimize its impact such as by providing food to stranded migrant laborers and their families, orphanages and elderly shelters and by providing health and safety equipment like PPE and Masks for front line health workers and security personnel.

Inner Wheel Club and Rotract Club of Kantipur, the strong faculty of the club,must be thanked for their role and standing with the club’s activities. Their contributions towards serving communities, especially to children and elderly by providing support through their schools, orphanages and elderly homes with school essentials, food, clothing to add some comfort to their lives.

Importantly, I’m honored for the faith and trust of the club members for choosing and giving me the responsibility as president of our club for the Rotary Year 2020-2021. I take this opportunity to express my commitment to serve the purpose with the best of my ability as president of the club and as a proud Rotarian, with support of all the members of the club, members of Inner Wheel Club and members Rotaract.

Thank  you,

Dilip Narsingh Adhikari
President 2020-21

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